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The San Francisco 49ers have emerged as the cheap nfl jerseys frontrunners for Jarryd Hayne's attempt to break into the NFL, with the former Eels superstar to announce on Tuesday which club he will join.

Fairfax Media understands Hayne agreed to a deal on Sunday, believed to be with the 49ers, also weighing up options to join the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

Headline news: Jarryd Hayne. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

As of the close of business at the NFL at 4pm on cheap nfl jerseys for kids Monday in the United States (Tuesday morning in Australia), no contract with any NFL club had officially been lodged.

However it is believed Hayne is likely to join the San Francisco 49ers after agreeing to a futures contract with the NFL club last week.

It is believed the lifestyle of San Francisco compared to Detroit was a factor in his decision.

Just hours before his announcement, Hayne posted a cheap nfl jerseys for womens tweet which said: "Today a dream becomes a reality. With God anything is POSSIBLE".

At his pro day in December, where Hayne clocked an impressive 4.53 seconds in the 40 yard dash, former San Diego wide receiver Tim Dwight was on hand to assist the ex NRL star's quest to crack the NFL.

"You watch a lot of his highlights and he's got good change of motion, good direction, seems to know how to get away from people," the former NFL receiver said.

"He seems like he has a lot of mileage still left on him and he has a good attitude. He's going to get knocked down quite a bit, not just obviously physically but mentally wise, learning all the play sets, learning his job, learning his role. You have to get him started early."

"Special teams is probably where he needs to focus," Dwight said. "Covering kicks. Returning kicks and, if he's not a returner, being a guy up front. A lot of those guys are linebackers. Some are cheap nfl jerseys for men fullbacks and some are tight ends, too. He's going to have to learn another trait in there to keep himself on a team because bubble players don't last very long, maybe a year or two and then they have to move to another team."

Former rugby sevens player Carlin Isles, who briefly joined the Detroit Lions' practice squad in 2013, believes Hayne's success will be determined by his level of commitment.

"It depends on his dedication. I think if he's dedicated, he could speed up the process. But for him, who never played football and to understand the defensive schemes, to understand the holes, the footwork, things like that, it's going to take some time.

"Especially if you haven't grown up playing American football, it's going to take a lot because it is not easy. It's difficult to understand."

Former Eels trainer Hayden Knowles, who flew to the US in cheap nfl jerseys for children October when Hayne embarked on his NFL pursuit, said he saw an incredible level of dedication from the 27 year old from the moment he departed home soil.

"From the minute we got on the plane, he threw his iPad on and started studying the game," Knowles said.

"He lived and breathed NFL from when he got on that plane. The first day we got there we went and bought an NFL ball and he wanted to go the park straight away. The first thing he did at night was to get me to read out the running routes of a playbook. As soon as I read them, Jarryd knew them and ran them correctly. He prepared for that pro day like he was in fight camp. It was like a world title preparation, he was so professional and so hungry.

"A lot of clubs wanted to see Jarryd, but he waited until he was fully prepared to put himself on show. They wanted to see him and lay eyes on him. He didn't let anyone see him or what he was doing until he was ready to perform. That was the day they had the big pro day and invited scouts."

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