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Everyone from ESPN to the E! Channel will tell you how difficult it is to pick games in Week 1 of the NFL season. So shall we. The Fantasy Football Challenge opened with a 9 7 record against the spread, which would have been better had the NY Giants not taken the week off.

In the Fantasy Football Challenge itself, Scott and the Fantasy Football Examiner differed on seven games, including the Steelers v Broncos Sunday night, and Cincy v Baltimore on Monday. The Fantasy Football cheap nike jerseys Examier fared well here, and opens the Challenge with a 5 2 lead. Scott knows a thing or two about football, but he's getting married next year and his head, if heart, may not be in this.

Scott's engagement party is this weekend, and his picks, suspect as they are, for Week 2 should be viewed through the spectrum of a man who is not at all focused on football. We have five games different this cheap nike jerseys from china week, including Monday night's Broncos v Falcons game:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers 6

How do you keep Aaron Rodgers down? Strip him of his cheap nike jerseys free shipping running game, then run the 49ers and Bears defenses at him two weeks in a row. This won't wholly stop the Packers, but with Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush coming together, it will be difficult to beat Chicago by 6.

Scott and Fantasy Football Examiner pick: Chicago +6

Sunday, September 16

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills 3

In fantasy and in picking games, you should not overreact cheap nike jerseys for sale to one week's events. The Bills and Chiefs put forth a terrible opening effort, but are they both that bad? Kansas City lost to what may be a spectacular Atlanta squad. Buffalo lost RB Fred Jackson and WR David Nelson. When in doubt, take the points. When in serious doubt, take the team that did not give up 48 points to the Jets offense.

Both pick: Kansas City +3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v NY Giants 7.5

These teams were involved in two games we missed badly in the Week 1 Fantasy Football Challenge. Anyone who knew the Giants would be so bad, or that the Buccaneers could shut down Cam Newton, would have won a fair bit of change off us. That said we are happy to go back to hating Eli Manning and the Giants, but can't be sufficiently swayed by one Tampa Bay win.

Both pick: New York 7.5

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers +2.5

Here are two other teams involved in games we blew badly cheap nike jerseys factory in Week 1 of the Fantasy Football Challenge. So, who bounces back more effectively? Drew Brees and the coachless Saints on the road, or Cam Newton with no run support in his home opener? Drew Brees to Jimmy Graham is again unstoppable in 2012, but they don't play defense. But, here's a rare sight; Scott giving points.

Scott picks: New Orleans 2.5

FF Examiner: Carolina +2.5

Cleveland Browns v Cincinnati Bengals 7

The Cleveland Browns are that kid with whom you went to school, who was so bad at sports that making fun of him stopped being enjoyable, and was generally perceived as cruel, even by the class bully. 1st round draft choice, RB Trent Richardson is good, or would be on another team, but he's not going to win games on his own. Cincinnati does not have a powerhouse offense, but they do have AJ Green, and the Browns will be without now suspended CB Joe Hayden. One AJ Green touchdown could be enough to cover the seven points.

Both pick: Cincinnati 7

Minnesota Vikings v Indianapolis Colts +1.5

A healthy Adrian Peterson, whom we will never, ever tell you to sit again, will be more than enough to spoil Andrew Luck's home debut. Do not fret Indianapolis; Luck may well be the second coming of Peyton Manning, but everyone Peyton, Johnny Unitas, Jeff George everyone struggles at first.

Both pick: Minnesota 1.5

Arizona Cardinals v New England Patriots 12.5

If you missed it the Arizona Cardinals won a game. They got beat up in the process, and anyone who you might have taken on your fantasy team is now even less worthy of a roster spot, and should not even be considered for a start. Look for Tom Brady to make up for only throwing the ball once to Wes Welker. Two touchdowns here ought to keep Welker from insulting him in the press.

Both pick: New England 12.5

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles 2.5

Micheal Vick threw 4 INTs against the Browns in Week 1, and they won by a mere point. Joe Flacco may have thrown his way into the Hall of Fame on Monday night (no, not really), and if he can do even half as well, which you would expect, the Ravens win outright.

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