Given the importance of crude oil derivative products, you can make a lot of money investing in refineries.
To be useful, crude oil must be refined into consumable products, such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, automotive lubricating oil, propane and kerosene, and a myriad other products. For this reason, refineries are a critical link in the crude oil supply chain.

When considering investing in companies that operate refineries, pay attention to three criteria (included in a company’s annual or quarterly reports):

Refinery throughput: The capacity for refining crude oil over a given period of time, usually expressed in barrels.
Refinery production: Actual production of crude oil products, such as gasoline and heating oil.
Refinery utilization: The difference between production capacity and what’s actually produced.
Most major integrated oil companies, have large refining capacities. One way to get exposure to the refining space is by investing in these major companies. A more direct way to profit from refining activity is by investing in independent refineries.

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We could provide business and investment opportunities in Caucasian countries, Africa & Middle East, South America & seeking for investors in diverse sector of investment as well companies who want to expand trading in areas such as: 

EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction and EPC Management)

1.    Land and Rail Road’s Development and reconstruction.

2.    Airlines & craft transportation Industry

3.    Marine Shipping and Seaport Facilities.

4.    Metal and Mineral processing and basic industries

5.    Mining of Gold & Platinum Industry.

6.    Mining of Diamond.

7.    Crude Oil exploitation.

8.    Crude oil & Petroleum Refineries.

9.    Agricultural & farming (Rice, Sugar, wheat, Edible Oil and other food materials)

10. Fertilizer/ Cement Plants.

11. Electricity and Power projects (Solar, Hydro and Wind).

12. Bottling and packing of Drinking water.

13.Tourism and Resorts industry included Golf Courses and Yacht Marinas

14.Banking Industry.

15.Real estate Investment.


17.Timbers, Cotton and Coal plants.

18. Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Commerce.

19.Consumer Goods.

20.Corporate Security

21.Cyberspace/ Intranet,

22. Private & Family Security Details,

23.Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centers.

24.Universities and Colleges.

25.Reconstruction of Urban  and Rural Communities and Housing

26.Transportation Industries

We welcome competent investors and financial companies who can engage in any of the above either and outright purchase or JV with government or private institutions, we can as well fly for meeting in your home country for discussion and proceedings. All investment is referencing all above Regions we can set up meeting with President, Ministers, Governors, Senators and house of Rep. Sovereign guarantee will be setup by the government.


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