Procedtuer 1
Attn: To All Supplier

We are interesting to buy any quantity Fuel (D2, JP54 and Mazut) With Our procedure that approved with major buyers.

  1. Buyer’s inform the Seller his intention to purchase the Russian D2 or JP54
  2. Seller issues the present FCO for his own use and for acceptance terms and conditions by the Buyer
  3. Buyer returns the present FCO sealed and signed for terms and conditions acceptance
  4. Buyer issues an ICPO to Seller with full Banking details along with the Company Profile
  5. The Seller issues Draft Contract open for event amendments
  6. Buyer reviews, seals and signs the approved Draft Contract which becomes Sales Purchase Agreement along with the   
    Buyer’s Side NCNDA/IMPFA duly filled, sealed and signed by all Buyer’s Side beneficiaries, the Paymaster has to mention His Company Registration and Passport Number
  7. Seller sends to buyer final approved SPA along with the DTA, TSR & ATS for Lift Able delivery.
  8. Buyer sends to Seller Q88 within 48 working Hours after DIP Test.
  9. The Buyer’s Vessel Customs Clearance, taxes and Port Authorities fees shall be made and be borne by the Buyer

10.  Buyer nominates (SGS) Independent Survey Laboratory to carry the Quality and Quantity Dip Test operations in the         presence of The Seller’s representative. The inspection fees shall be borne by the Buyer

11.  Upon successful verification of Dip Test Results and Reports, Seller issues to Buyer the Commercial Invoice for the           Quantity delivered

12.  Buyer’s Bank issues to the Seller’s Bank the full payment by MT103 TT covering the Lift Able delivery value within           Three/four working Hours upon the positive Dip Test Results & Reports

13.  Upon the Seller Bank Commodities Full Payment confirmation, the lifting shall commence immediately. Seller shall            issue To the Buyer Bill of Lading, Shipping documents and the Title holder document

14.  Seller & Buyer shall pay their respective intermediaries by MT103 TT within one banking day after the transaction             Completion as per NCNDA/IMPF

Serious Seller and Mandate welcome

Those who submit a false NCND/IMFPA, LOI, ICPO, RWA, BCL, FCO or POP will be reported to the FBI, ICC and Interpol and charged with a crime. This law went into effect on November 15, 2008 after a meeting between the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency.